Knockout Parkinson's

Team Rock Steady Boxing LA

Rock Steady Boxing Los Angeles was founded by coaches Lauren von Bernuth, Sarah Lahalih and long-time Rock Steady boxer, Russell Faucett. Lauren, Sarah and Russ created RSB LA with the hopes of helping more people with Parkinson’s Disease battle their symptoms and obtain a  better quality of life through boxing. Evan Brau has since taken over the RSBLA program and has continued in the fight against Parkinson’s through high intensity interval training, boxing, kick-boxing and other various martial arts techniques. Most important, however, is a positive attitude and a community of like minded individuals seeking to heal themselves.

Evan Brau

A native of Los Angeles, Evan started practicing kickboxing to keep in shape, but soon found it made him more adept at all of his other athletic endeavors, including tennis, beach volleyball and surfing. He was RSB certified in June 2018 and has been dedicated to helping people battle Parkinson’s ever since. He is the current affiliate owner and head coach for RSB Los Angeles.

Marc Lamaze A blackbelt in Yoshukai Karate, Marc brings a whole new aspect to the RSBLA training program. His knowledge of movement, form and technique is invaluable to the process of rehabilitation through exercises that require bilateral function.  He is a kind-hearted individual who is always willing to go the extra mile to help a student in need.

 “I was amazed by the immediate improvement in my debilitating symptoms,” says Russ. “99% of my tremors were gone, my gait was more fluid and relaxed, rigidity has disappeared from my arms and face, and my over physical condition improved considerably.” -Russell Faucett